New Ice cream Flavors Presentation IOANNOU Summer 2019


IOANNOU ice cream….Made exclusively with fresh milk and heavy cream in 37 flavors!

The rich variety in our ice cream can come up against any challenge as they include both classic and modern choices. Here you will find:

Sorbet flavors: Lemon, Green Apple, Raspberry, Real Bitter Chocolate, Strawberry, Limoncello

Special Choices: Bubblegum, Red Bull, Cappuccino, Malaga, Pavlova. Yogurt with forest fruit, Lila Pause, Red Velvet, Profiteroles, Black Forest, Banoffee, Snickers, Cream Parfait, Chocolate Parfait.

Classic: Cream, Madagascar Vanilla, Chocolate, Peanut, Kaimaki, Caramel, Stracciatella, Ferrero, Biscuit, Bueno-Praline, Oreo.

Fruit Flavors: Banana, Fig

Ice cream with Stevia sweetener: Vanilla, Cocoa, Nocciola, Yogurt


As IOANNOU confectionery is interested in satisfying the most demanding customers, among the new ice cream flavors which we created are:

Red Bull: based on the well-known isotonic drink.

Malaga Ice cream: based on the Malaga wine variety

Pavlova Ice cream: based on the homonym sweet with meringue chips, whole strawberries and strawberry sauce.

And Ice cream with Stevia: vanilla, chocolate, yogurt and Nocciola flavors


Our ice cream is available in a 4 kgs package with garnish.

We recommend that you watch the video with our suggestions!